Ep 1: Maniac Mansion - Clickin’ on Bricks

Hello and welcome to our first episode! Thanks for downloading this little gem. In today's episode we talk about the first LucasArts game built with their innovative SCUMM engine. Pretty revolutionary stuff. We start off with some history, then around 21:40 we get into the set up and gameplay of Maniac Mansion. Then set up our next game around 40:30, followed by a rousing discussion of which games we're most excited/anxious about playing at around 41:45. Then the real fun begins at 45:20 when we chat about our good friend, Chuck The Plant, and at 48:20 we cover What's the Beer? What's the Song? (We apologize about the poor audio, but if you can get through it, I promise our next episode sounds much better.)

Our next episode comes out Friday, March 4th and we'll be covering Maniac Mansion 2: Day Of The Tentacle! So do your homework and start playing. Looking forward to it.

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