Ep 2: Day Of The Tentacle - Bernard Gets Stuff Done

Today Jason and Ben talk about the beloved 1993 LucasArts classic video game, Day Of The Tentacle. It’s the sequel to Maniac Mansion—kind of like this is the sequel to our Maniac Mansion episode.

Today we chat about the game and why it holds a special place in our hearts, then around 2:40 we start digging into the history of the game. After that, we get into the actual gameplay of DOTT at 19:40, and of course we play some “What’s The Beer? What’s The Song?” right around 34:00, and then at about 43:20 we pick our next game.

Alrighty then! Our next episode comes out Friday, April 1st, when we’ll be talking all about the undead classic, Zombies Ate My Neighbors. So hopefully you’ll be able to play that a bit this month before we spoil it for you. (SPOILER: You can’t spoil ZAMN.)

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