Ep 33: Outlaws - I’ve Never Met An Innocent Man

We've both been neck deep in western games the past few weeks, including this LucasArts classic: Outlaws--the first ever western FPS. Hope you got a chance to play it, b/c it was definitely a nostalgithon for us. Here we go...

After the intro, we talk making-of and development (3:30), then talk gameplay (12:00), before getting into some unsettling aspects of the game (26:20). Of course we play some "What's The Beer? What's The Song?" (36:00), talk about our little green friend Chuck The Plant (42:00), talk about what else we've been playing (45:15), and finish with what we'll be playing after the holidays (54:00).

Happy holidays and we're excited to start SEASON 4 OF MOLMF in February! See you then.

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