Ep 38: Yoku’s Island Express - The Hammer Is My Pinball

We're joined again by Corrigan Vaughan this week and are excited to announce she'll be joining us on the podcast from here on out as a permanent host of MOLMF!!! Huzzah!!!

We're talking all about her first suggestion for the podcast: Yoku's Island Express. Hope you were able to pick it up and play it a bit this month, but either way, we hope you enjoy this lovely romp down pinball lane.

After some random chitchat off the top, we make the official Corrigan cohost announcement (4:15), then get into the development (13:30) and gameplay (19:15). We're switching things up a bit and "What's the Beer? What's the Song?" is now officially "What's the Drink? What's The Song?" due to...well due to old age and drinking preferences. Anyway, then we talk about what else we've been playing (51:15), talk about a LOT of games--including what we're playing next month (56:00), and end with a little MOLMF...In The News! segment (65:15).

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