Ep 4: Star Wars: Rebel Assault I & II - Shift +

Hey gamers! Thanks for listening. Today we're talking all about two of our long time LucasArts favorites, Star Wars: Rebel Assault I & II. Although after replaying them, we're not exactly sure why they've been our favorites for 20+ years... on to the show!

We start out with some of the history of the games, how they got made, that kind of thing. Then at the 8:30 mark we talk a little bit about the setup and characters of both games. After that, at 14:15, we're joined by the by the ebullient Nick Gates to talk gameplay, and then he joins us for another classic rendition of "What's The Beer? What's The Song?" at 44:45. (Spoiler alert: Jason's beer is terrible.) Finally, we say farewell to Nicholas and finish things up talking about next month's game at 53:00.

What is next month's game? It's one of the most classic LucasArts games of all time: The Secret of Monkey Island. Just a great game, and holds up better than any game we've played so far. Hopefully you'll agree.

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