Ep 50: Thimbleweed Park - Can I Eat It?

FIFTY EPISODES! We're so happy to have been doing this podcast for 50 full episodes thus far and hope to bring you another 50 more over the next few years. Thanks again to all of our listeners and supporters for all the encouragement and engagement over the years. Hope you enjoy this special 50th episode!

Today we're re-playing Thimbleweed Park to celebrate the game that best encapsulates all the reasons we started this podcast in the first place. We also welcome in Ben's wife Hannah to celebrate with us, as she played through the game this month as well.

After a loooong talk about the gameplay, puzzles, and funnies, we finally get to the ol' "What's The Drink? What's The Song?" (40:45) and play Corrigan's favorite game: Screengrabs! (48:45). After that we re-introduce a segment we forgot about for many years: Recommendation Station (53:45) and eventually get to next month's game too (78:00). Thanks for playing!

Oh also, make sure you check out Victor Burgos Games! Really looking forward to Neko Ghost, Jump!

And here's David Fox's reply regarding disappearing characters.

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