Ep 67: Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye - The. Owlks. Were. Furious.

Man oh man this game was surprisingly TERRIFYING. Just wow. If you were lucky enough to play the original Outer Wilds back when we covered it in 2019, then you were probably just as excited to get back to this universe and boy did it deliver. Wow. It's an amazing game, but also a liiiittle scary. So get your big boy pants on and join us as we dive deeeeeeep into the DLC Echoes Of The Eye with our great FOLMF, Tyler Weaver...

We start off just chatting development and early gameplay stuff before getting into the lore a bit (20:15), then we hit the spoilers HARD (25:45). We finally get into the gameplay (42:30) before playing a delicious round of "What's The Drink? What's The Song?" (53:15). We say goodbye to Tyler and have a lovely visit to the Recommendation Station (1:02:00), a very enjoyable Developer Spotlight (1:16:30), and end with talking about next month's game (1:18:45). Beware...it's a HARD GAME. Enjoy!

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