Ep 73: Inscryption - I Earned That OP-ness

Happy Halloween! Here's the second of three games of our MOLMFoween Spooktacular Trifectathon!!! 

But seriously Inscryption is the greatest game ever and yes Ben is writing this and it doesn't matter what Jason and Corri think about Inscryption because it's amazing and one of the best games I've ever played and I can't stop playing it and if they ever stop then they probably didn't even really get it anyway. Whew! What are you still doing here? Go play Inscryption! NOW! IT'S AMAZING!

The gang gets into this crazy creepy card game and stave off spoilers for awhile, but eventually things take a turn for the worse and all of them get eaten by the spoiler monster (28:30). After that the Drinkensong enhabits their corpses and sings a few drunken tunes and they talk about what else has been possessing them as of late (1:09:45), before taking a long and dangerous ride to the Recommendation Station (1:18:00)...then they talk about our next game: SOMA!!! Which will be out very soon. And is also creepy af. Can't wait. Smooches!

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