Side Quest: Elden Ring - Ohhhh…Arise now, ye Tarnished.

Jason and Ben are back for this Side Quest and they're diving deeeeeep into the Lands Between and sharing their triumphs, failures, resurrections, and pure joyful moments playing the now legendary game that is Elden Ring.

They start off with some big ideas, then get specifically into Ben's experience finally taking the plunge after months of Jason telling him to play (10:40), then go back and forth talking about the highs and lows of their combined 300+ hrs of gameplay (25:00), before devolving into just quoting random lines of dialogue from their favorite NPCs and their favorite and very nerdy, yet still glorious co-op moments. Hope you enjoy the listen, even if you haven't played this epically long, yet amazing game. 

The gang will be back in a few weeks talking all about what else they've been playing, with a special spotlight on a game all 3 of them played: Cult of the Lamb. Damn that game is fun...and addicting. Be careful out there!

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