Side Quest: Electric Fancave Crossover

Welcome to the second part of a 2-part crossover uber-episode! We teamed up with the Electric Fancave team and did two joint podcasts, or "crossover" podcasts this week. We were lucky enough to be on this week's episode of Electric Fancave (link at bottom), and they honored us with their presence by being on our podcast. The topic for both episodes: crossover episodes. (I know, so meta, right?)

And while this is technically the second part (check out our website for link to first part), you can listen to them out of order...hopefully. So sit down and check out our fun chat with Corrigan Vaughan & Kristin Latourelle of EF, as we dive back into the joy that is Day Of The Tentacle.

If you liked this Side Quest, please let us know! We'd love to do more, but we also want to make sure we're covering topics people would enjoy. So please tell us if there's anything that comes to mind.

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Thanks again. Enjoy!

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